Sterling Silver Ruby Ring and Pendant

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Brand : Globus
Jewelry Set Type : Whole Set
Stone Type : Ruby
Rings are made using Sterling Silver (92.5 percent pure silver).
The rings are adjustable (fits all)
Gemstone is of 4.25 carats and above.
Pendant is made using 925 Sterling Silver (92.5 percent pure silver).
Gemstone is of 4.25 carats.
It comes with an authentic certificate.
The pendant comes without a chain

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Gemstone Ruby:

The gemstone Ruby symbolizes the planet Sun, and Sun being the ruling planet of the Sun Sign Leo, it is the perfect stone for people with this Zodiac. However, if your horoscope has a weak placement of the Sun or if you wish to please the Sun God, this gemstone can be adorned. Ruby stone is considered to be the gemstone of love. It creates energy, liveliness and gives confidence in a person’s nature. Ruby gem also protects a person from evil spirits. It brings prosperity and improves health.

Procedure to wear Ruby:

Before wearing Ruby gem it is essential to purify it. Ruby rings/ pendants should be placed in a copper vessel in unboiled milk and gangajal mixture. Wash it with clean water and offer flowers, incense sticks and chandan before wearing this gemstone. Ruby gem has to be worn on the ring finger of the right hand if male and left hand if female on a Sunday before 10 am after chanting the mantra,
“Om Dhruniha Suryaya Namah”.


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