Sterling Silver Opal Ring and Pendant


Brand : Globus
Jewelry Set Type : Whole Set
Stone Type : Opal
Rings are made using Sterling Silver (92.5 percent pure silver).
The rings are adjustable (fits all)
Gemstone is of 4.25 carats and above.
Pendant is made using 925 Sterling Silver (92.5 percent pure silver).
Gemstone is of 4.25 carats.
It comes with an authentic certificate.
The pendant comes without a chain

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Opal Gemstone:

The gemstone Opal is a substitute for diamonds. However, being a substitute its powers or effects still remain the same as Diamond. Diamond being a strong stone it definitely gives impeccable results to the wearer. Nevertheless its ill effects can also be very strong if the stone does not suite the wearer. On the other hand Opal jewelry minimizes the ill effects and is thus is the first preference by people all over the world if they have been recommended to wear a Diamond.

Procedure to wear Opal Gemstone:

Opal pendant has to be worn in a silver pendant or ring. You may ask to make the ring on a Friday or wear the pendant on a Friday immediately after Amavasya. One can also contact a learned astrologer to know the procedure if you are not sure about it. The pendant has to be worn with complete devotion after performing some religious rituals such as a pooja. One has to wear the pendant early morning after rising and getting cleansed, without having any food. Opal pendant need to be worn in the little finger of the right hand after reciting 16000 mantras. The following mantra has to be recited:
“Om Draam Dreem Droom Saha Shukraya Namah”


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