Sterling Silver Coral Ring and Pendant


Brand : Globus
Jewelry Set Type : Whole Set
Stone Type : Coral
Rings are made using Sterling Silver (92.5 percent pure silver).
The rings are adjustable (fits all)
Gemstone is of 4.25 carats and above.
Pendant is made using 925 Sterling Silver (92.5 percent pure silver).
Gemstone is of 4.25 carats.
It comes with an authentic certificate.
The pendant comes without a chain

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Coral Gemstone:

Coral helps to minimize and stop the malevolence effects of the planet Mars. It is not a stone like Amethyst or Ruby, however, it is considered a valuable Gem. Pure corals are lighter and softer than duplicate ones. If you look at this stone in the mirror you would find fine granules.

Procedure to Wear Coral:

If in your horoscope the planet mars appears in the 4th, 8th or 12th house, then an 8 Carat ring/pendant has to be worn in a gold ring. If there is a Chandrama or Mangal yog in your horoscope, then a 5 carat or 14 carat silver ring has to be worn. Coral has to be purchased on a Tuesday or made on a Tuesday. Coral birthstone ring has to be also worn on a Tuesday following Amavasya; an hour after sunset in the ring finger of your right hand. One has to keep a fast on the day of wearing the stone. Apart from pooja and other rituals the following mantra has to be recited 10,000 times:

“Om Kraam Kreem Kroom Saha Bhomaya Namaha”


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