Stay-On Ultimate Pack


Feel the vigor, vitality and recharge your energy INSTANTLY with STAY-ON ORAL LIQUID. Absorbed quickly by the body, consume it half an hour before intimate activity.


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Don’t you wish that the excitement of the sensual night lasts a bit longer?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give your woman the pleasure that she has always dreamt of!!

Do you want to be a “stallion” with the right timing?

Now you CAN! “Stay-On Ultimate pack” is a world famous Premature wellness pack for Men!

Ejaculation is a function of psychic & Friction Impulses. Premature Ejaculation indicates the gap between a person’s expectations & his actual performance. Use of Stay-On increases the sensitivity threshold to bring slow & lasting pleasure due to delay in ejaculation.

Thus Stay-On assists in improving the sex for both the partners. Only Men Desensitizing Spray is also used for reducing over sensitivity of the frenulum during intercourse. Stay-On Desensitizing Spray for Men has been specially developed to delay ejaculation in men, this can lead to a more satisfactory relationship from both partners point of view.


Power capsules (60 caps): Taken 2 per day (in the evening with a glass of warm milk)

4 x Oral Liquids: serve as a stamina booster for a single night. Completely herbal, unlike Sildenafil based drugs

2 x 30 ml Power Oil: To be used on the male organ to add girth & length (use for 45 days, 2-5 drops and massage on organ).

Delay Spray: Useful to delay ejection. Lidocaine based.


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