Stay-On Prolong Spray

Stay-On Delay Spray extends timing & pleasure. Strong erections & delayed climax with Stay-On prolong spray. Maximum pleasure for both partners. Original Shilajit at the best prices on all StayOn products. StayOn Delay Spray makes you a Stud in Bed. Over 5000 reviews on YouTube

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Don’t you wish that the excitement of the sensual night lasts a bit longer?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give your woman the pleasure that she has always dreamt of!!

Do you want to be a “stallion” with the right timing?

Now you CAN!  “Stay-On Prolong Spray” is the preferred lidocaine based Delay Spray for Men! Now available worldwide with discreet shipping, Stay-On Delay Spray

Unlike lignocaine gel & xylocaine jelly, Stay-On Prolong Spray is a fine and effective solution for problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It has No side effects and adds timing to your intimacy activity.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Shake will and spray gently on the top of the male organ.
  2. Just spray a little on your palm and massage on to the crotch
  3. Best used 10-15 minutes before intimacy

Premature Ejaculation indicates the gap between a person’s expectations & his actual performance. Use of Stay-On increases the sensitivity threshold to bring slow & lasting pleasure due to delay in ejaculation. Thus Stay-On assists in improving the sex for both the partners. This Men’s only desensitizing Spray is also used for reducing over sensitivity of the frenulum during intercourse. Stay-On Desensitizing Spray for Men has been specially developed to delay ejaculation in men, this can lead to a more satisfactory relationship from both partner’s point of view.

Easy to use spray container makes it easy to carry about and use.Each bottle of Stay-On Prolong Spray is 12 gm (0.42 oz) each.

It is a popular misconception that Erectile Dysfunction can be fixed with lidocaine based sprays. This dysfunction can only be fixed with effective herbal products that combine Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli & Ginseng like Stay-On Power Capsules.Any other products claiming a fix for Erectile Dysfunction, may damage your sensitive private parts forever!



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