Hair Boost Serum

With time, even the strongest hair needs extra care every day. The new Hair Boost Serum is that extra care your hair deserves. The Hair Boost Serum brings new life to your hair by directly boosting the activity of your hair roots. Designed based on years of professional experience, this lightweight serum offers extraordinary benefits to men and women of all age groups. For visible results, simply apply twice daily for 60 days. Recommended for thinning, shedding, brittle, dry or ageing hair.



Enjoy Amazing Benefits:

Promotes Regrowth
Reduces Shedding
Increases thickness
Improves overall health

Shampoo your Hair. Towel dry until 80% dry or blow dry on cold setting. Using the special dispenser pump, that comes with the product, remove 1 ml of the Hair Boost Serum and apply to affected area using your fingertips. Massage deeply into scalp until serum disappears. Style after it dries.

Size: 60 ml (1 bottle)


The serum has to make good contact with the base of hair shaft.
Do not wash hair for atleast 3 hours after application.
Use daily for atleast 3 months before evaluating results.
Eat unprocessed natural foods containing sufficient protein, vitamins and minerals.


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